Joining The Ebony Diaries movement means that you are becoming apart of a sisterhood with like-minded women of color, in striving to celebrate and lift one another up. Through volunteering and joining our team, you are able to catch a glimpse into our lifestyle of self-love and confidence. We are more than just a platform, we are a sisterhood that provides positive representations of women of color, highlighting all aspects of ebony beauty.



The Ebony Diaries is developing mentorship and empowerment programs, that allow us to work closely with young girls to educate them on self-love and self-care. Instilling the characteristics of confidence and ambition in these girls, will allow them to enter their future with a positive outlook and awareness of how their identity impacts the world.

Outside of the youth, we hold conversations and provide dialogue with women of color on self-esteem, loving themselves, and other societal and political issues that tie into the Black experience. We are currently working to host seminars and conferences to engage with WoC, to educate them on being confident and the consciousness of being a Black woman in today’s society.

How can you help? Through donations we are able to get these programs, seminars, and conferences running to help change the lives of women and girls of color. They will allow us to provide a quality experience of self-love and confidence. Visit our Patreon to find out more ways on how you can contribute.


We provide a safe space for women of color to share their stories, through our blogging platform. Our blog is a universal diary for all young girls and women of color to share their stories of confidence and beauty, as well as their own definition of what it means to be a Black woman. Through the stories of these confident and strong women, we aspire to be of inspiration and guidance to those women who may not have confidence in themselves as women of color.

By submitting your story to, you too can use your voice to inspire other young women to live in their truth!


In a society where the world tells us we’re nothing, we strive to let every woman of color know that she is more than just something; she is the most beautiful Queen to ever walk this earth — her worth is immeasurable. It’s important that girl and WoC hear and see positive representations of themselves, to remind them of their self worth.

The Ebony Diaries has created Black Beauty Link Up: The Podcast to celebrate black girl magic and link carefree women together through discussing topics that surround self-love, beauty and confidence. Through the air waves of iTunes and Soundcloud, we empower Black women to be unapologetic and carefree! By submitting topics for us to discuss and questions to, you too can be apart of the Team Black Beauty Link Up experience.