Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a great year, and are looking forward to the great things coming in 2018. On this episode, I am having another #CandidConversation with you, discussing my mindset going into 2018. How I have been struggling to create, how I am leaning in closer to what God is saying to me, and being patient until I hear Him speak. God definitely speaks to me while recording, and I think you should witness it!

I know God is has great things for all of us, but do YOU know that? Sometimes we do have a hard time remembering, or come to a point where we lack or lose motivation in life. Whatever challenge you may be facing going in to 2018, don’t forget God is right there with you. In fact that’s something I have to remember, so I am sharing with you my thought process and what’s been on my mind during the start of this year.

*Excuse the quality, as I was driving while recording.


00:53-06:16  :  I discuss my mindset coming into 2018, and how I have been dealing with creator’s (writer’s) block.

06:17-10:09 : I try to identify what is holding me back from creating, and focus on what God is trying to say and show me.

10:10-13:54 : I realize what God is telling me.

13:55-20:34 : God reveals to me what I need to do, and I share a few points with you on how to get through creator’s block and remaining patient in God.

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