Hey loves, this episode we’re going to do things a little different. I’m going to get candid with you and share what I’ve been through mentally and in my waking life. I’m going to talk about to my move to Los Angeles, a recent BIG decision I have made, and my journey to finally listening to what God has instructed me to do. This conversation may be all over the place, but I wanted to open up and share my current state of mind. Sometimes we think we have the keys to life, or know our life plan from start to finish, but God has a different plan. Let’s talk about how we can turn things around and really hone in on what He’s saying. If you can relate, press play..


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2 thoughts on “Episode 13 | Time to Switch Gears and Listen to God’s Plan #CandidConversations”

  1. Wow. Inspirational. I loved hearing your journey. As you mother I never knew your struggles. Always seek God first and keep him #1 in your life. He is definitely going to guide you on your journey thru life, love and career. So proud of you! Keep doing you and what makes you happy!

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