The Ebony Diaries is a organization and movement that celebrates Black women through educating, encouraging, and empowering Black women and girls to love themselves wholeheartedly. Through mentorship and empowerment workshops and seminars, as well as providing a safe space for women of color to share their stories, we encourage them to walk in their truth with confidence.

Within our mentorship and empowerment workshops, we work closely with Black women and young girls to educate them on self-love and self-care. Instilling the characteristics of confidence and ambition in them, will allow them to enter their future with a positive outlook and consciousness of how their identity impacts the world. We are more than a platform, we are a sisterhood that provides positive representations of women of color, highlighting all aspects of ebony beauty.






My name is Ashley Monique Goode and I am a 25 year old native of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Living in Virginia, I grew up as a child of a single mother, with the help of my grandmother. As a young girl, I was never really taught on how to be confident in my skin or embracing my identity of as a Black woman. I grew up being insecure in my skin, and not feeling beautiful because my skin was darker than what was seen as beauty in the media.

Not having a woman of color figure there to encourage me to embrace my skin tone and take confidence in who I am, made it an even bigger challenge. Through God and my journey, I was able to overcome those insecurities and celebrate the beauty of myself and other Black women. Upon creating The Ebony Diaries, I developed an organization that can be that older sister or auntie, in the lives of young girls and women who may need that encouragement. I want to give them all that I didn’t have, with the hopes of changing or saving a life.